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Saturday, July 16th, 2005
9:53 pm - Half-Blood Prince
All right -- well, you must have known that if anything could get me back, it'd be this. I bought it by 12:20, drove home, showered, and read; I finished about 4 AM, and enjoyed every second.

SPOILERS (and jumping-around) AHOYCollapse )

current mood: am I still welcome back?

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Monday, February 10th, 2003
3:37 pm - Acceptance of circumstances, and Shakespeareslash bitlets
Just found out that during my freshman year at an insanely competitive school, I was ranked 12th of 400. I'm very surprised by this because I almost failed Geometry Honors, and also because in that school, you begin getting ulcers when aged 10, if not before. Everyone there really stresses over receiving a 99. And even then I was a bit more que sera, sera than most of my classmates, so how I wound up twelfth I'm really not sure.

Really . . . as much as I hated to leave and had to be dragged away by an unfeeling government, it's probably healthier for me in this school, where I'm probably ranked around 2nd or 3rd of 130. I still miss the academic, intelligent environment and discussions I had at the other school, though. I miss being around lots of people who are seriously smarter than I am, because when I am, my intelligence also multiplies. But this school will look better to colleges, because of the opportunities it offers me.

Um. You needed to know all of that, I'm sure. Watch! Let me distract you with shiny things! Shakespeareslashy snippet, PG-13ishCollapse ) and completely AU Shakespeareslash, PGishCollapse )

current mood: full

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Thursday, January 30th, 2003
8:45 pm - Shakespeareslash, and, yes, fic!
I've been working hard on that dark, serious Michael Crawford RPF. And when I'm working on one fic, another tends to follow -- in a completely different mood. So this one's a bit more lighthearted, although I wouldn't call it humor. Basically, just take it for what it is: Shakespeareslash.Collapse )

Don't even ask me. Just enjoy if you can.

current mood: drained

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
7:55 pm - Let's play Topic Leapfrog, everyone
Where are all the pretty fall leaves? Don't they know they oughta be in New England by now?Collapse )

You know you want to hear Seamus speak Gaelic in an upcoming fic. Or have Seamus be Gaelic, or Gaelic be Seamus. What?Collapse )

Also, every so often I just get this urge for RPS. Specifically, period Shakespeareslash. *sob* Tell me I'm not strange, really.

But, for Pete's sake, you've got the apprentice actors (in drag anyway, already), and Richard Burbage (Shakespeare's perpetual leading man), and Ben Jonson (good playwright; buddies), and Henry Wriothesley (incredibly obvious pairing -- main patron of Shakespeare's, to whom the Sonnets were written), and -- oh yes -- Kit Marlowe (similar playwright, very into alchemy, much more impetuous, got himself knifed in a bar fight, which got Shakespeare all depressed).

And it's all good in Elizabethan England, because ANCIENT RPS PLAYWRIGHT NECROPHILIA may not be as catchy as PERVY HOBBIT LOVIN' or even HARRY POTTER PORN, but it's also good. So. Point me, anyone equally strange? At this point, I'm desperate for my fix.

current mood: awake

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